Maja (Eslovênia)

Xamanismo na Eslovênia

My formal education is a university graduate work organizer, majoring in human resource management. I am employed at the Sports Foundation, where we support projects in sports at the national level. I am also a cross-country trainer with a license to teach coaches and teachers. I am also a leader of Ceu da Eslovenia, church of Santo Daime in Slovenia (if is this ok to write)

I trained cross-country skiing for 18 years, I competed at the highest level for 10 years, in the World Cup, World Championships and the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. 

I first encountered universal shamanism at an Earth Medicine course in Italy, in 2014, where I met Leo Artese and Fany Carolina. The matter touched me so much that I went to Ceu da Lua Cheia the following year, and then I did training for Multiplicators. Behind me are three completed rounds for the universal shamanism Flight the Eagle in Slovenia. Now I am focusing on women's shamanism, namely women's shamanism in sports. I know from my own experience that women in professional sports have to suppress their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence if they want to compete in a top sport formed by men. I know and believe things can get better.

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